Loring Greenway Association

Entrance to the Greenway

from the Nicollet Mall

GEt involved

We welcome volunteers who will help garden. Garden volunteers meet one Saturday each month beginning in April and work for 2 or 3 hours -- planting, weeding, watering and making the Greenway an award-winning urban garden for residents and visitors to enjoy. We furnish gloves, tools, friendly co-workers, and treats. Please sign up to be contacted -- we will send you information.  And if you can't make it, we'll contact you the next time.

welcome to Loring Greenway 

The Loring Greenway is a pedestrian walkway and urban garden in Minneapolis that stretches from the Nicollet Mall near Peavey Plaza to the Berger Fountain in Loring Park. It is a landscaped urban passage used by thousands of people every day as they commute between Minneapolis’ busy downtown and the residential areas surrounding Loring Park. The city maintains the hardscape, while volunteers maintain and enhance the gardens. We welcome and need volunteers.